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Jackie Cooper Imports Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Whit G | OK | 2017-04-26

So full disclosure, I have never purchased a car from Jackie Cooper. However, I just wanted to applaud the service I recently received from Jonathan Walter, a sales associate there. While I didn't end up buying a car from him, the service he provided was so outstanding that I wanted to write a review. I never felt pressured or hassled into buying from him and he went above and beyond in trying to help me find the right car for my situation. When I showed up to take a test drive with my two boys in the POURING rain he didn't hesitate to make it happen. Haven't had a sales experience that was that pleasant in a long time. Well done Jackie Cooper and well done Jonathan.

Raul Neriel | OK | 2018-01-09

Great pl ace to do business.... friendly staff, Awesome cars.

David Pharis | OK | 2018-01-29

I appreciate the excellent experience during my purchase of my dream car, Macan Turbo. Brian Goss was the sales contact and assisted me well. His experience was appreciated.

Amy Thomas | OK | 2018-02-01

Jackie Cooper Imports sales cars the right way! There are no car salesmen waiting to pounce on you the minute you get out of the car. The salesmen do not pressure you into buying a car. They want you to be a customer for life. When I bought my car here it was the easiest car buying and finance experience I have ever had. I am truly a Jackie Cooper customer for life!

Phil McKinney | OK | 2018-03-02

I'm impressed with the service department. Very on top of everything. Professional.

Tom Sangster | OK | 2018-03-27

We've been going to Jackie Cooper for years now and have purchased three cars. We had the opportunity to work with Bert Kendrick recently when we purchased a Porsche 718. Although we did buy the car from him, I wouldn't call him a car salesman in the traditional sense. I think Porsche brand advocate would be more appropriate. Any questions we had, he had the answer. He didn't have to go back and forth to the manager for every little thing. He actually didn't go to the manager for anything. We've bought quite a few cars over the years and I can say without hesitation that he made it the easiest shopping/buying experience we've ever had. There were none of the usual pressure tactics you get from car dealers. That includes when the salesperson continually tells you there is no pressure and then wants to know what they can do to 'earn your business' today. Or when they have to introduce you to the manager who also reminds you there is no pressure and wants to know what they have to do to close the deal. Nope, none of that. Just friendly, professional and knowledgeable help from someone who is obviously passionate about Porsche. I cannot say enough good things about Bert. So, yes I wholeheartedly recommend buying from Jackie Cooper Imports.

Leslie Hill | OK | 2016-01-21

"you have a beautiful and varied selection of vehicles"

Don H | OK | 2016-01-21

"Excellent Service and Experience"

Roy T | OK | 2016-01-21

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how helpful Erin Murray has been in my recent purchase. He was very professional, friendly, and helpful and a pleasure to work with. The transaction took less than an hour to complete after the test drive, that has to be some kind of record!"

Rebecca S | OK | 2016-01-21

"My sales person Ashley was great! She listened to my long list of needs even though they were challenging with my needs at the time. She came through when she found out my credit exceeded my expectations and that I could take a better option in a lease. Her knowledge was too cool and more than I ever received from any sales person."

Lauren Y | OK | 2016-01-21

"Great service as always. Chad was very polite and explained everything very well"

Connie G | OK | 2016-01-21

"I wish my dealings with service departments of other dealerships was as good as yours. Thanks"

Scott M | OK | 2016-01-21

"you always do a great job. Thanks for having long hours on Saturdays"

Scotty | OK | 2016-01-21

"This is the second car I've purchased from jc and mike the salesman made both a lot easier than any other dealer I've dealt with. I will be buying my next car from jc and mike!"

JL | OK | 2016-01-21

"Joe is a great guy, we bought our first car from him 7 years ago and he was really nice then and we even had a better time purchasing this time, because of his great repore. The man who handled our paperwork was outstanding also. Because all of the people we worked with were very well acquainted with the product..Knowledge is sometimes hare to break down to others but these men both did great at their jobs, in a manner of making you feel at ease and informed"

Steven | OK | 2016-01-21

"Ed Hicks is the ultimate professional. Courteous, gentleman and just very pleasant"

John | OK | 2016-01-21

"It certainly appears that the salesmen/ladies listened well in the classes attended about how to sell the customer and sell the car. Jackie Cooper Imports undoubtly has the finest sales staff we have ever ran into. Of all the bad deals we have encountered over the years, the occasions we had to deal with Jackie Cooper erased all the bad taste that was left over from previous dealers. We can honestly say that any future automobile purchases by our family will come from one of the Jackie Cooper dealers"

Catherine | OK | 2016-01-21

"I was there late on the last day of the month and they were treating me like it was first thing in the morning, didn't try to rush and get me out! Everyone in that office was providing great service and nmade me feel like my business was very important."

Wayne | OK | 2016-01-21

"We had previously purchased two vehicles from Joe Cleary (this being our third) and asked him to help with this purchase. Since we are older, we want to minimize the time for the purchase process. Joe was very accomodating and got us in and out as requested. He answered all our questions without hesitation and know he was providing information for our best interest. Jackie Cooper Imports treats us an an important part of their business. Everything is geared to make the customer comfortable during the sales process. Too many business today give the impression that they are only interested in making the sale"

Kelley | OK | 2016-01-21

"Salesman was very thorough...good experience..very helpful..did a great job of answering the questions and demonstrating the car's capabilities."

William H | OK | 2016-01-21

"Good system, knowledgeable staff, nice waiting areas. A good experience"

Ira R | OK | 2016-01-21

"You were extremely kind and courteous and I appreciate it more than I can ever tell you. You are the best!"

JD C | OK | 2016-01-21

"Great place. I would recommend this place to my family and friends!"

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