A Pikes Peak Legend Shows off his 1949 Porsche Gmünd Coupe

The 1949 Porsche Gmünd Coupe is no speed demon by today's standard. In fact, its current owner, Jeff Zwart, admits that he has to push it to its limits to keep up with modern day traffic. But with the Gmünd Coupe it's always about patience and remembering what it's like to get lost in the simple joys of driving.

We love the design elements of the vehicle, like the semaphore trafficators and bulbously charming hubcaps. The color is simple yet makes you stop and look. Taking home this model would be quite a challenge, but, as Zwart stated, the 911 certainly has hints of the Gmünd's unique shape.

At Jackie Cooper Porsche we have a fine selection of new Porsche models, including the 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera, the Gmünd's faster, younger brother.

For more information on any of our offerings, stop into our Tulsa, OK location. We'll help you find the right balance of power, luxury, and classic design.

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