Sprightly and Sporty: 2014 Porsche Boxster

As we cross into August and enter the latter half of the summer season, we at Jackie Cooper Porsche would kindly like to remind you: there's still time.  Time for what, you ask?  To drop the top, hit the gas and experience the blissful caress of the summer wind.  Do just in the 2014 Porsche Boxster.

The design of the Boxster is like being on the receiving end of a haymaker from Muhammad Ali: it's an absolute knockout.  We're especially dazzled by its fantastic front-end, which features aggressively-styled headlamps and a pair of outsized air intakes.

This pretty pony's got some serious heft under the hood, too.  Motivated by a 2.7-liter flat six-cylinder, the Boxster generates a whopping 265 horsespower and 206 pound-feet of twist.

Want to get a closer look at this tremendous two-door?  We suggest you watch the clip below:

Of course, there's simply no substitute for firsthand experience.  We encourage you to visit us at our Tulsa, OK location to take the Boxster - or any other new model that strikes your fancy - out for a test drive.

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