Porsche Unleashes an Aggressive New 911 Edition

It is amongst the most iconic series of autos ever produced by our legendary automaker, and in 2015, the Porsche 911 series gains a new member in the form of the aggressively styled, and performing 911 GT3 RS. See the all-new model in action, below.

Isn't that beautiful? The aggressive exterior look is brought on by drastically upgraded front and back ends. On the front, massive air inlets are now positioned immediately below the luggage compartment; and on the rear end, a massive, fixed new rear wing elevates above the sharpened, LED-lit back end. And this model not only look high-performing; it truly is as well, with a ton of included performance systems like the VarioCam Plus one, dry-sump lubrication, and the advanced Porsche Doppelkupplung transmission system.

And as always, your destination for a test drive on any new Porsche model here in our Tulsa, OK area, is our dealership.

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